A Lifetime Love of Painting

Capturing the beauty of nature and life

I am so glad that you have found my new home on the web! The paintings, prints and photos you will find here are part of a lifetime’s worth of work. I have been so blessed to have travelled the country capturing the beauty of nature and life on canvas. My work has been recognized around the world and I am thankful for the many awards, commissions and residence programs I have earned over the years. Much of the work I do has a healing effect on the people who view it which is why I have been invited to work with many healing arts programs creating art for places where people will be on the mend both physically and mentally. Although I have many subject matters that I love, capturing the power of the ocean has always been my passion. I also love to capture the light of the moon whether it is illuminating a forest or reflecting off the water.


Bring Steve’s Art into Your Life

Brighten any room with framed prints and paintings

Over the years, I’ve developed a good wonderful technique of creating paintings that are then photographed and printed with a large format printed onto archive quality paper. The prints are then worked over with mixed media, often for months or even years, after the original creation. This layering of media causes light to reflect from the surface in magical ways. It allows for subtle variations between versions of the work, and extends the creative process well past the initial creation. These mixed media prints are an affordable alternative to the original painted work, while also becoming unique examples of luminesce art.

Let’s Share Our Love of Art

Available for consultation and commissions

There are so many ways to get together and share our love of art. I often participate in area art fairs and community events where I not only display my work but also play music and work with other artists in the area. I can be hired for commission work whether you want to capture a moment, a beautiful view, a portrait or other special project. 

You can visit me at the Arts Garage in Atlantic City where my work can be seen along with many other artists from the area.