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Steve is a full-time artist, illustrator and educator with over 30 years professional industry experience. He has exhibited across the continental United States with his unique style of paintings and illustrations that are internationally acclaimed and recognized. Steve continues to be active in his community, whether he is displaying work at an art show, playing music at an open mic, or speaking with people in his studio.

Steve Kuzma graduated with honors from the Parsons School of Art and studied with fellowships in Italy and France. He is known for his contemporary style with impressionist brushwork, avant-garde layering techniques including watercolor, water-mixable oil and pastel to create a blissful connection to nature and spirituality. Steve uses his art to make powerful, humanistic and joyous statements for the viewer.

His work reveals the sculptural and luminous nature of paint layering that combines his love of nature and a strong spiritual sensibility. Steve is inspired and strives to create life within the painting, to gain a direct conduit into the human soul. This makes him equally versatile in several genres including landscape, seascape, floral, portrait and sports illustrations.